Our Learning

Our Learning at Panama Road School

Kagan Co-operative Learning is all about engagement!

At Panama Road School we believe that it is vital for people to learn and develop their co-operative skills in order to be successful now and in the future.

When people engage with the ideas and share their learning with others it allows for greater achievement and success.

In the classroom this means that we design learning to include co-operative learning opportunities. Kagan Co-operative Learning allows for this to happen as it supports all learners in fun, meaningful, engaging and powerful ways.

Co-operative Learning is about working with others to allow for greater success for all, it teaches the skills and attitudes required for us to be able to work in a way that supports everyone’s ideas, values their knowledge and develop new understandings.

Co-operative Learning promotes our core PRIDE values:

Here at Panama Road School, our students learn about Panama PRIDE values and how to show these at all times in all settings of the school. Our students talk about 'doing the right thing at the right time in the right place'.

P stands for Participation

R stands for Respect

I stands for Integrity

D stands for Determination

E stands for Empowerment