Our Pepeha

Ko Maungarei te maunga

Ko Tamaki te awa

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Hōturoa te rangatira

Ko Otāhuhu te kainga nōho

Ko Panama Road School te kura

OUR History

There are three main iwi in our area

  • Ngati Paoa

  • Ngati Te Ata

  • Ngai-Ta-Ki-Tamaki

The entire district of the western side was formerly known by Maori as Tauomā from Mt-Richmond (Otāhuhu) to Flat Rock Reserve and surroundings - McLennan hills (Te-Apunga-o-Tainui)

Panmure basin was named by the Maori people as Te Kopua Kai a Hiku (‘the eating place of the guardian taniwha Moko-ika-hiku-waru’) as they believe a taniwha (a water monster) guards these waters. Over time, this title was shortened to Waimokoia.

The Puriri trees grew abundantly in this area.

OUR Legends

Maungarei - The Watchful Mountain

Two sisters named 'Reitu' and 'Reipae' fell in love with a chief from Waikato who was called 'Ue-one-one'. He thought it would be good for him and his people if he married both of the sisters. So he sent his eagle to pick the wahine up.

However Reipae had second thoughts and asked the bird to land. While they were there Reipae saw a hansom chief and fell in love with him, his name was 'Tahu-hupotiki'. He later named the rohe (area) after her and called it Whangarei.

Reitu went on to marry Chief Ue-one-one and he named the maunga 'Maungarei' in reference to her name.

This significance of the sisters story was they tied two iwi 'Nga-Puhi-Nui-Tonu' (far north) and 'Tainui' (Waikato) together having Maungarei the centre of the connection.