Here are our staff members for 2020

We welcome you to browse through our staff list. If you would like to make contact with any of our staff, please feel free to pop down to our school in person, or alternatively you can email them directly.

All email addresses are listed below.

Senior Management


Deputy Principal

Senior Teachers

Rakau Whanau

Puawai Whanau

Kakano Whanau

Teaching Staff

Room 2 - Yr 4

Room 3 - Yr 1

Room 4 - Yr 2

Room 5 - Yr 3

Room 6 - Yr 1

Room 7 - Yr 1

Room 8 - Yr 2

Room 9 - Yr 3

Room 10 - Yr 6

Room 11 - Yr 5/6

Room 12 - Yr 5

Room 13 - Yr 4/5

Fixed Term Release Teachers

Support Staff

Executive Officer



Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide


Cleaner/Morning Breakfasts



Auxiliary Personal


Learning Support Coordinator

Health Nurse

Social Worker



Jane Dold

Elisabeth Price

Shontaal Wright

Monique Muller

Heather Lindsay

Sophie Zavaleta

Gabrielle Moros

Leigh Menzies

Tina Chow

V. Jyoti

America Muratori

Rohini Lal

Heather Lindsay

Shontaal Wright

Sharon Riley

Siale Puheke

Christine Adamson

Kogi Gounden

Karen Bowie

Vicky Baker

Anita Sauafea

Joanne Paku

Florida Foliaki

Pat Hauraki

Lisa Marino

Kenyon Senior

Tangi Toparea

Barbara Totaram

Deslie Smith

Andrea Alexander

Joy Fiebiger

Cathy Liu

Fay Nelisi

Brenda Paschke

Rowan Toia