Our most frequently asked questions


All absences from school should be notified before 8.45am by either ringing the school, filling out our online absence form or coming into the office to speak to us. Please notify the school each day your child/children is absent. Parents will be contacted if absences are unexplained or persist. Children are to be at school on time to begin the school day. If your child/children is absent for longer than three days, please send a letter of explanation to the school.

Accidents and Sick children

In the case of serious accidents at school, parents will be contacted as soon as possible. If parents are unable to be located, the "emergency contact" person will be consulted and/or family doctor if necessary. If a child becomes sick at school, parents will be phoned by the school office in order for the child to be cared for at home. We advise that children remain at home while unwell to prevent the spread of infections.


All children and staff attend a weekly school assembly on Monday and Friday. This is a sharing time to celebrate successes and achievements, both academic, sporting and cultural. It is also a time to discuss and teach important PRS PRIDE values in a way that encourages students to be the best they can be. We also welcome new children and announce the weeks upcoming events. School singing is part of this time together as well. Parents and supporters are very welcome to join us for this special time together.


A heart defibrillator is available in the office during school hours, which are 8am - 3pm, Monday - Thursday and 8am - 2.15pm on Friday. This is available for our community in an emergency.

Duffy Books

Children have the opportunity to receive good books through the Duffy Book program. This is available once or twice a term.


Children should be in school uniform and be dressed to suit weather conditions. PLEASE LABEL ALL CLOTHING CLEARLY. Children should be taught to recognise their footwear and lunch boxes. Please also refer to Sun Safety and Uniform sections.

Community Of Learning: COL

Our school is lucky to be involved and linked with a number of other schools – for learning and teaching, cultural and sporting opportunities. Schools who contribute to Otahuhu COL are; Panama Road School, Otahuhu Primary School, Otahuhu intermediate, Otahuhu College, Mt Richmond School

Dental Clinic

Each year the mobile dental caravan will come to our school and examine all children enrolled, along with preschoolers in the area. This service is free. If a dental issue arises at another time during the year, parents may call the Auckland School Dental Clinic on (09) 839 0565 for assistance.


All children will become familiar with emergency procedures, by participating in practices conducted at regular intervals throughout the year. When evacuation is required we meet as a school on the back field.


The library has a wide selection of both fiction and non-fiction books available for borrowing, using our computerised system, by all children in the school. Books are issued for a two week period and children are responsible for returning them by the due date, as well as handling the books with care. Our wonderful librarian Joanne Paku plays an important part in helping the library to function effectively, keeping a high quality selection of literature available and hooking children onto books and reading. We ask that all books taken from the library are kept in a book bag (available form the office) or plastic bag to protect them. In the case of lost library books, parents will be asked to reimburse the school.

Lost Property

Lost Property left lying around the school is collected and held in the Office . At the end of each year all clothing is put out for families to take. NAMED ARTICLES ARE RETURNED. Please name all items of clothing.


Our school is very lucky to have two playgrounds, Children in Whanau Kakano is suited to play on the smaller playground around the front of rooms 6&7. Whanau Puawai and Rakau are best suited to play on the larger playground beside the backcourts s some of the obstacles are higher up. Children are not to play on playground equipment before or after school for safety reasons.

Removal from school (overseas trips)

If parents are contemplating overseas trips, they are required to seek permission from the Principal. Children are legally required to attend school in school term times. A note must be given to the school stating the reasons for absence and the time concerned. This is necessary to prevent the child from being deleted from the school roll. Wherever possible please arrange overseas travel in holiday times.

School Office

The school office hours are 8.15am to 3.15 pm Monday-Thursday and 8.15am to 2.30 Friday. We have EFTPOS available but no credit cards are accepted. We have school uniform available for sale along with stationary supplies. Click here to view the pricing. Urgent messages for children and teachers are also received. NB interruptions to the classrooms during teaching times is kept to a minimum.


The school colours are Blue and Red. Blue representing the water, Red for the sun and the warmth of our school community. The waka signifies the students all striving to achieve together.

Whanau Groups

At Panama Road School, we have 3 Whanau teams. Each Whanau is represented by a Maori word. The Words are Kākano (seed), Puawai (to bloom - flower) and Rakau (tree)